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most-delicious and best-value lobster caye caulker belize


It was a hot day in August 2016, and stopping for a swim in the Caribbean Sea was a daily occurrence in Caye Caulker.

As usual, the water was nice and refreshing.  We stayed a while, and eventually, our stomachs started growling.  Well, if you have a kid or have been around a kid, there’s not much time to hesitate, when it comes to getting those tummies filled before chaos breaks lose.


swimming with local kids caye caulker, blelize
Swimming with locals in the Caribbean Sea at Caye Caulker, Belize ❤︎ photo courtesy of Beverly ❤︎


Promptly, making our way in from the blue-green sea to the shelly beach, we noticed a Chinese family cleaning some lobster.


lobster chinese owners enjoys belize
Enjoy Bar and Restaurant, Catch of the Day ❤︎ photo courtesy of Beverly ❤︎


I was amazed by the vibrant colors of these creatures and went to take a closer look.  They were so spectacular that I pulled out my camera to take a few shots.  I asked the Chinese woman politely if it was ok, she nodded her head yes and went back to work.


lobster belize chinese family enjoy restaurant
Enjoy Bar and Restaurant, Lobster ❤︎ photo courtesy of Beverly ❤︎


Intrigued, I started asking questions about the lobsters.

I discovered that they were for their customers in their family-owned establishment, Enjoy Bar and Restaurant.

I mentioned that I was a lover of fresh seafood, and they pointed to their restaurant, which was located just 50 steps away opposite the beach and across the narrow, sandy Front Street of Caye Caulker.


enjoy restaurant, looking from sea
Enjoy Bar and Restaurant, looking from Caribbean Sea ❤︎ photo courtesy of Beverly ❤︎


My crew and I walked over to check out the scene and saw a man grilling the seafood right there near the front entrance of the restaurant.

There were a few picnic-style tables open to the street, swings at the bar and more tables in the main part of the restaurant.  There was also a covered back area where there were more tables and bathrooms.


enjoy swing bar photo
Enjoy Bar and Restaurant, Swing Bar ❤︎ photo courtesy of Bella ❤︎


We sat in the main part of the restaurant, away from the sandy street and bathroom traffic, and I’m glad we did.

Out of nowhere, it began raining, and I noticed that gusts of wind were causing the rain to mist the tables in the back of the restaurant as there were no real windows in that area.

For lunch, I ordered the freshly grilled lobster, which came with coconut rice, kimchi-like veggies, and garlic bread, costing around $20 BZ ($10 USD).  For a few bucks more, I ordered some curried vegetable sauce for my rice.

It was the best-valued and one of the most delicious meals I had the pleasure of eating in Caye Caulker.

I ate at Enjoy Bar and Restaurant three times over my stay in Caye Caulker, and each time was as delicious as the last. The menu listed fish, shrimp, conch, chicken, vegetarian jerk, and more, as well as 2 x 1 rum drinks for around $7 BZ ($3.50 USD).


food enjoys belize
Enjoy Bar and Restaurant, Lobster Plate ❤︎ photo courtesy of Ashley murphy ❤︎


We had great service for 2 visits, and poor service at least once, but I know it was due to the restaurant being so busy. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to relax and enjoy a fresh watermelon juice that they make right there in house just for you.  Wifi was available, so catching up with friends and family was possible while waiting.

The atmosphere was laid-back and chill.

My favorite table ended up being the large picnic table near the street because I enjoyed the view of the Caribbean Sea, and the floor was sand, which felt good on my feet and was fun for the kids.

Have you eaten at Enjoy Bar and Restaurant in Caye Caulker – what did you think?

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