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Belize-6d5n-itineraryKid Friendly Itinerary



6 days/5 nights

Medium Budget: $80/day

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What You’ll Like 

Chill Vibe

Blue-Green Sea

Fresh Juice & Fresh Lobster

What the Kids’ll Like

White Sand Beaches & Park

Gold Carts


About this itinerary

Recommended Length of Stay: 6 days/5 nights – This can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

Budget: $90/day (1 adult + 1 child) – $20/day of that goes towards food

*not including airfare.

**For sake of simplicity, all currency is reflected in USD.

Transportation: There aren’t any cars in Caye Caulker, so renting a bicycle or golf cart are popular options. It’s easy to walk most places. Tailor your transportation according to your personal needs and budget.

Activities: My suggestions are based what we enjoy doing. Choose activities that align with your interests.

Food: I offer one food suggestion per day.

Lodging: My first preference is usually renting an entire house on AirBnb, but sometimes a private room or dorm bed in a nice hostel is perfect. We rarely stay in hotel rooms. In Cuba, we stayed in Casa Particulares. Read what a Casa Particular is here.


Pro Tips: Always have extra cash beyond the $80/day suggested here. Consider doing this trip with another single mom and splitting the cost of lodging and transportation. Learn how to find another single mom and start planning.


Day 1 Belize City to Caye Caulker

belize-water-taxi-pier-caye-caulkerTransportation Arrive by plane in Belize City – BZE – Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport

Take a taxi from airport to San Pedro – Belize Express Water Taxi Terminal $25

Take water taxi to Caye Caulker $15/adult, $10/child

Activities Beach Day

Relax or Swim

Food Bondi Bar and Grill

Lodging Hostel $15

Day 2 Caye Caulker


golf cart with another single mom caye caulkerTransportation Rent a golf cart for the day $60/day.. Tip: Strategically plan it so that you get the most our of your rental. Do your grocery shopping today, etc.

Activities Explore the island by Golf Cart.

Hang out at Lazy Lizards.

Let the kids play at the water park near the split.

Shop in the streets.

Food Amor y Cafe

Lodging Hostel $15

Day 3 Caye Caulker


bella-touching-nurse-shark-caye-caulker-barrier-reff-belizeTransportation Catamaran

Activities Snorkel the 2nd largest barrier reef in the word and take a marine wildlife tour with Carlos Tours $65/adult. Kids are free.

Visit the juice market on Front Street.

Take the kids to the park on the beach.

Food Pasta Per Caso

Tip: If you like carnival food or just want to treat yourself, there’s a vending truck right there on Front Street!

Lodging Hostel $15

Day 4 Caye Caulker


lobster belize chinese family enjoy restaurant

Transportation By foot

Activities FREE DAY

Read a book in a hammock.

Go scavenger hunting.

Enjoy the white sand beach.

Go shopping.

Food Enjoy Bar and Restaurant

Lodging Hostel $15

Day 5 Caye Caulker


san pedro near water taxi belizeTransportation Take water taxi round trip to San Pedro, Belize $25/adult and $20/child ages 4-10.

Activities Enjoy the scenery of the Caribbean Sea.

Rent a golf cart to explore Caye Ambergris –  $50.

Kids will have a good time at the park on the beach.

Shop in the local stores.

Food Pineapple Restaurant

Lodging Hostel $15

Day 6 Caye Caulker to Belize City


bella at swing table caye caulker belizeTransportation Take Water Taxi from Caye Caulker to San Pedro – Belize Express Water Taxi Terminal $15/adult, $10/child.

Take a taxi to BZE – Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport.

Depart Belize City by plane and fly to your next destination.

Activities Send Good Vibes to the island and the people.

Tip: Eat at a restaurant near the water taxi terminal in Caye Caulker so you can enjoy the beach as you wait for your boat. 

Recommended Guide Book For Belize: Lonely Planet Belize (Guide)

Safe Travels!

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