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Have you heard of AirBnB, but haven’t tried it yet?


Single moms, this is for you!


Airbnb is a trusted place online where one can list and book unique accommodations in more than 65,000 cities and 191 countries.

Whether it’s a dorm bed for the night, a castle for the week, or a villa for the month, Airbnb connects people around the world.

I’ve been using AirBnb for several years now. It’s my go-to place online to check for lodging when we travel.

In fact, because I use AirBnB so frequently, they gave me a link to share with my friends to save on their first booking.

When you sign up through this link, AirBnB will credit $41 to your account to spend on your first booking over $75.

Nice, right?!?

I’ve found that renting an entire house with a swimming pool can sometimes be less expensive than a small hotel room on AirBnB.

Rooms in houses and dorm beds are available, too, if you’re traveling on a low budget.

Meeting the locals are my favorite part. Most hosts have been super nice and accommodating.

They seem to be having fun, too!

You could even consider renting out your own space using AirBnB.

It’s simple, fast and rewarding.


How to get started


Step 1 Click here to go to AirBnB


Step 2 Click the white button Sign up to claim your credit.



Step 3 Choose a method to sign up

I recommend Facebook because it’s fast and simple.

You can also sign in with Google or your email.


Step 4 Join the Community by clicking the green Accept button



Almost done!




Step 5 Add a photo, or do it later.



Step 6 Confirm your phone & email, or do it later.



You’re All Set!


Search Airbnb



Safe Travels!

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