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Have you ever wondered what it would be like traveling abroad, living in another country, or maybe never stopping at all, and instead living a nomadic lifestyle?

Although my southern roots grow deep, my veins swell with adventure.

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❤︎ photo courtesy of Guillermo Lutteral ❤︎

My first international trip was to India in 1999, and in that same year, I visited Nepal.

Within just a few years, I’d made my way to 11 more countries.

I can’t say enough good things about these brilliant experiences. Not only were they like a breath of a fresh air, but they changed my perspective on life and the world.

Surprisingly, in the midst of my traveling journey, I received some very exciting news. I was carrying a precious little one inside me.

 And on OCTOBER 1st, 2010
I was gifted my beautiful baby ❤︎BELLA❤︎

Since Bella’s blessed arrival, life could not be more fun.


Together, we started off slow traveling, living in Panama for 3 years and then Mexico for 1 year, and in that time, we also visited Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica and more.

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❤︎ photo courtesy of Maudy Bom ❤︎

We have a remarkable time traveling together and learning about the world around us through pure experience. We’re both learning several languages and always making new friends. Bella’s quite the social butterfly, always happy and getting people involved.

Our journey has naturally transitioned into a lifestyle called worldschooling. It’s something we were doing before we even realized it was a thing, and we are immensely enjoying every bit of it.

I can honestly say that we’re creating an absolutely unforgettable life full of memories that we’ll be talking about for years to come.

We’re blessed with ample quality time, and we receive so much love from each other and those around us, including nature. I can’t express to you how grateful we are.

Om Shanti Namaste  ॐ

How did we fall into this type of lifestyle?

In 2010, just before Bella was born, I’d finished my Yoga Teacher Training and I’d been attuned as a Usui Reiki Master. That same year, I received my M.S. in Geology from Northern Arizona State University.

❤︎ photo courtesy of Guillermo Lutteral ❤︎

Talk about a busy year, and talk about timing!  I had a lot on my plate, and some important decisions to make.

For months, my mind went between career and home life – having both was not an option.

I was always asking myself, “Do I start a 9 to 5 job in Geology and leave my baby in the hands of a daycare provider?  And if I did that, how would I find the time and energy to play with her, much less breastfeed her?”

I explored this scenario in my head over and over again, and although this is a common option for successful woman and a commendable one, I found it didn’t feel right for us.

Deep down, as I opened my heart, I knew what had to happen.

We were to take an alternative path, one I was unknowingly, yet intimately familiar with and one that Bella would soon learn.

Starting college and being out on my own in the late 90’s taught me one valuable lesson, and that is to take care of yourself – there’s no one that can do it better. Luckily, I was exposed to alternative approaches to medicine in my early twenties, which guided me to practice a preventative-type lifestyle rather than a curative one. After a decade and a half of living this way, I felt fantastic, had a lot of energy and was ready to share this knowledge. It was now time for me to teach others, and this is what I did.

With an open heart, my life changed, and I started living the life I intuitively desired.

I started using my knowledge of Yoga to teach classes on a regular basis, and I assisted people through painful periods in their life with Reiki. This sparked my heart and spirit with creativity, and I was grateful to be pursuing a healthier, less stressful and more flexible life – making less money, no doubt, but spending more time with Bella… and myself.

At five months old, Bella went on her first international trip to Panama… a trip that changed both of our lives forever.

❤︎ photo courtesy of Guillermo Lutteral ❤︎

In Panama, I started surfing more than ever before, running the beach in my bare feet, sitting under the moonlight, doing yoga to the sounds of the ocean waves, juicing fresh fruits and veggies on a daily basis, enjoying fresh coconut water straight off the palm tree, breathing fresh air in abundance and, best of all, relaxing and playing with Bella.

No doubt, I enjoyed a simpler and better quality of life abroad. Not once did I feel like we had to keep up with the Jones’, and best of all, TV was an abstract thought.

Initially, the plan was to travel abroad for a month, but as our departure date approached, many magical ideas appeared, and consequently, our 1-month vacation turned into a 3-year stay in paradise.

What happened to my heart and inner being after that was divine because the more I experienced life, as opposed to work, the more I opened to new ideas of living. It was during this time that I thrived and struggled until I found what worked financially.

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beverly and bella
❤︎ photo selfie with Bella ❤︎



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    • Single Moms Adventure

      Jess, I originally decided on Panama because, before Bella was born, I had a short-term contract there using my Geology Degree, mappping 80 hectares of land for some private land holders. When I was doing the work, I met some people who became my good friends. After Bella was born, it was nice going somewhere that I already had friends because it made our transition easier ….and less scary, too! THAT coupled with the low cost-of-living in Panama worked out great for us. Having said that, I know that many single moms may not already have friends in other countries. I experienced this when we moved to Mexico 3 years later, and for this reason, I’m in the process of developing an app that will help single moms find each other and travel together – to ease the burden of finances and fear/loneliness. Are you considering moving abroad?

      • Jess

        I am considering moving abroad. And not knowing a single person is really my only hold up at this point. That would be a great app to use!

        • Single Moms Adventure

          Jess, If you haven’t already, sign up for my free eBook and I’ll send you the release date of the app, so you can try it out for yourself. In the meantime, safe travels!

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